Yoast or Rankmath? Which is the better WordPress SEO plugin?

Wordpress SEO Plugins 2021 - Rankmath vs. Yoast - which is better? Provenseo

Choosing the SEO plugin for your website often boils down to a question of style. Yoast or Rank Math? That's the question increasingly asked by SEO agencies and website owners. While Yoast has withstood the test of time and has proven itself over many years as the first and best place to go for WordPress All-Inkl SEO, Rankmath is still considered a relatively new plugin.

What is the most important thing about an Onpage SEO plugin?

The most important criterion when choosing an SEO plugin for WordPress is how easy it is for your client (or yourself) to use in their daily work. As a WordPress agency or freelancer , for example, it should be installed by default with the WP installation and used from the first word.

What must an SEO plugin be able to do?

An SEO plugin should be able to do two things above all. Firstly, it should provide information on why you shouldn't just press publish once your blog post is ready, and secondly, it must improve the search engine friendliness of your website. It doesn't matter whether you use Pagebuilder or Gutenberg as the editor for your new website, because a good SEO plugin runs independently and integrates seamlessly into the admin area of your backend.

What can Yoast do?

Yoast can do pretty much everything you'd expect from an SEO plugin. It provides detailed analyses of how the content of your page looks, how well it is optimised and whether your keyword strategy is correct. The Yoast SEO plugin also shows how many words in the post appear in Google search results for the respective keyword . So you have everything at a glance and can optimise the SEO of your post or landing page at your leisure.

What can RankMath do?

RankMath as an SEO plugin also offers a wide range of services and functions, e.g. a live evaluation of your keyword density as you write. This is extremely practical, so you can always see immediately how the SEO optimisation of the keywords in your post or on your landing page is doing. RankMath also offers a great tool that not only shows how many words appear in your post in Google search results, but also breaks this down by specific keywords. This also allows you to quickly and easily see which keywords are performing best.

Your website from the perspective of a Google Bot?

RankMath also offers a tool that analyses your website as if it were a Googlebot. So you can let RankMath show you the potential problems with your website from the point of view of an SEO plugin. With this tool, you can identify duplicate content or other problems and then take immediate action. In RankMath 's settings menu, you can use toggle buttons to choose which functions you need and which you do not.

What can't the two plug-ins do?

Both Yoast and RankMath are great for on-page optimisation, but they can't do everything. You still need a content marketing strategy and to monitor how well your website is converting visitors into leads and customers. These two plugins will help you rank better for competitive terms without cluttering your content with low-quality backlinks and bad grammar. The real trick, however, is figuring out which keywords you should be targeting to get traffic to your website in the first place! What both SEO plugins can't do, just like writing texts, is caching your website or any other server-side actions. Image optimisation is also kept quite terse. For fast caching of your website, there are good caching systems, but they usually cost money.

How important are your texts on your website?

When writing a text for your blog or landing page, you need to pay attention to the writing style and content in your text. The topic of your post or landing page should match the topic of your website, but the writing style and content must also be unique in order to bring readers to your site or to attract Google's attention.

The ultimate weapon for your SEO Suite

While this post focuses on the advantages of Yoast and RankMath and on high-quality content, we'll introduce you to another plugin that gives you more control over your texts.

Grammarly is a plugin that helps you find problems with spelling, grammar, sentence structure and more in real time as you write in your browser. That means no more embarrassing mistakes in front of your customers! To ensure that your customers always have an optimal experience on your

Conclusion Yoast or RankMath?

Which plugin is better? Both plugins offer a wide range of functions, but one look at the support forum is enough to see that RankMath is still in its infancy compared to Yoast SEO, which has a large team and much more experience, as well as compatibility with many other WordPress plugins. Nevertheless, we have integrated RankMath on some of our clients' websites and have seen a significant increase in traffic compared to our previous SEO plugin. And with the widespread adoption of the RankMath WordPress plugin, many other programmers and certainly the online marketing agency near you have also adapted their websites to it. So if you want to try something new, you should go for RankMath!

If you want an easy entry into the Onpage SEO world, we recommend Yoast. The usability of Yoast is top, everything is easy to understand and if you don't know what to do, the plugin will suggest it to you. It's a matter of taste which SEO plugin suits you best.

What tools do you use to optimise websites? Just send us an email.

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