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SEO and content marketing are and remain a mystery and at the same time one of the most important pillars in online business. Especially for special topics, you often search in vain for suitable authors - today I introduce you to a copywriter who has focused on the areas of health, sports and travel. You will also learn which aspects are very important in the field of content marketing and what you need to keep in mind.

Introducing: a copywriter with experience in the health sector

Alice Kilimann is an experienced author with a focus on the health sector. She has a passion for sports and travel and has worked as a freelance writer for many years. She knows how to write high-quality texts for websites, flyers, blog articles, e-books and shop articles. Her texts are not only informative, but above all offer the added value that readers need. At the same time, the texts are written in an SEO relevant way and show the experience Alice has in the health sector. She started writing texts at an early age.

The genesis of her own health blog

So Alice started her own health blog. That was at the end of 2016. At first, she only wanted to publish a few posts about her travels with the camper van. But then she started writing more and more about health topics - because those are the topics that interest her the most. The reader also notices from the texts that her passion lies in the areas of health and travel. And she speaks from experience in this. For a long time now, she has been working as the administrator of her own physiotherapy practice in NRW, rarely working 'on patients' and devoting herself much more to the things that now fill her: Content Marketing. For this, she hired me as her web designer to redesign her authors' website and tune it up.

High quality texts for a variety of topics

After I created and launched Alice's new WordPress website, her author website took off quickly. She was able to register an increase in enquiries in a short time. She writes high-quality texts that can be posted directly on travel blogs and websites for excursions. What I like most about her texts is that they are authentic and written with a lot of passion. It is fun to read these texts. And by the way, the clients secure Seo-relevant texts that promote and drive the company's content marketing.

What is important in content marketing?

If you are also involved in content marketing, you probably already know the do's and don'ts of it. But what is important in content marketing? There are a number of aspects that are important for successful content marketing, and these are the most important points for successful content marketing: relevance, authenticity, frequency and quality.

Relevance: The content must be relevant to the target group. The texts must not be too commercial and should offer the reader added value in terms of information.

Authenticity: The texts must be authentic and not just a marketing ploy. Readers must have the feeling that the author is writing sincerely and with a certain amount of experience.

Frequency: Content needs to be updated regularly to keep readers engaged. So if you are writing a strong text on certain topics that can change quickly, always keep in mind to update the text. Especially with fact-based texts, it is very important to keep the facts up to date and to renew information if necessary.

Quality: Finally, the content must be of high quality and offer the reader added value (see above). But what speaks for high quality? First of all, the pronunciation is important and with it the address to the reader. A direct address (you can, you can ...) is better than an indirect address (you can). You should also avoid subjunctives (could, would ...) as much as possible. I always recommend sticking to the facts and asking readers to take action or to 'think' (read on, imagine ...). The length of a text does play a role in the quality level, but it should not be the main consideration. Long texts are not automatically more informative.

A tip on the side: avoid walls of text at all costs (not only in SEO). By this I mean that you should primarily create paragraphs, if possible with headings and bold words. This loosens up a long text and readers can choose the passages they want to read.


Alice Kilimann is doing everything right with her author website. She listens to her heart and does not simply hang up a profession she has practised for many years. She uses her expertise to market it profitably. At the same time, she offers new clients expertise that she packs into high-quality texts for health and travel topics. Everyone should have the courage. It pays off in the end - not only financially. Content marketing is a very important thing to be able to survive on the web.

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