6 reasons why you should use Instagram for your business

6 good reasons why you should use Instagram for your business | provenseo agency

Instagram is one of the largest networks with over one billion users worldwide. Around 17 million people use this platform in Germany alone. The trend for Instagram in businesses is clearly on the rise. But what is the attraction and why should you also use the Instagram network for your company? First of all, it should be said: Instagram is no longer a platform exclusively for young people. Find out 6 reasons why you should integrate Instagram into your daily social media routine.

Not only interesting for young people

Instagram still has the reputation of being a social network only for young people. They supposedly like to post photos of their clothes, food and other interesting things. However, the picture network has long since expanded its offering. The company laid the first foundation stone with "Instagram for Business". Across Germany, more than 17 million companies from various sectors now use Instagram and, with appropriate information and use, can also address the right target group for themselves and their company there.

Improve brand awareness and image

For businesses, Instagram is rewarding, as a look at the statistics shows. Company profiles are visited by over 200 Instagrammers. Around 60% of users learn about new products on the platform. To increase brand awareness and cultivate one's own image, the Facebook subsidiary is the ideal platform. It depends on the right advertising and SEO strategies.

Expand target group

Especially in the early days,Instagram had the reputation of only being suitable for the younger generation. But these times have long been a thing of the past. The average age of users is now just under 30. This can result in a completely new target group , especially for some companies. This can be addressed individually through Instagram.


In times of a shortage of skilled workers, recruiting can be an interesting and helpful topic. Authentic insights into the company are good material for Instagram. Potential applicants can get an idea of the company in advance. This can strengthen the employer brand very well and this aspect should not be missing from any content strategy.

Touch point with insights

Thus, an additional touch point can be created through Instagram and the products can be experienced by the customer in advance. Products can be presented clearly and in detail due to the possibility of pictures and videos. Entrepreneur profiles can use the insights and even your website can be promoted on Instagram. There they can see impressions, reach and many other useful things. This provides the company with information on target groups, which means that strategies can be adapted and scaled accordingly.

Instagram as a sales tool

Instagram is a very important sales tool for informing customers about new products or product features. In the long run, however, clumsy commercials are punished by the community with ignorance. Therefore, creativity is needed here. You can also place advertisements in various formats.

An Instagram account for businesses?

There is an Instagram business account for companies. But what features does it have that set it apart from a private account? Without going into details, we can say: not much. Both accounts look the same. However, with a business account you can store contact information such as an email address.

Users cannot see whether the account is a private or a business account. However, the latter benefits from Instagram Insights. Businesses can get an overview of facts, figures and data. These are an analysis function of Instagram itself. Among other things, it lists key figures such as impressions, reach, interactions, account visitors and subscriptions.

Instagram is growing far beyond simply displaying the perfect picture, with both business features and features similar to Snapchat. These changes have many benefits for businesses. Good reasons are a good reason for businesses to enter through an expanded analytics section, an exciting Insta-Story and also direct contact.

Instagram should not be used like its big brother Facebook or Snapchat. The image network has a very distinct "character". It is important for a successful account to combine the activities and different networks with each other. The basic ingredients for a successful Instagram strategy are above all hashtags, projects, InstaMeets or even a quick video from everyday office life. This should not be neglected under any circumstances.

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