5 reasons to become self-employed with online marketing on the side

5 good reasons for your self-employment online - provenseo marketing agency

1. no more guidelines, because you are your own boss

Thanks to the internet! With its help, products and services are no more than a mouse click away and you can also quickly set up your own online marketing business. It has never been so easy and above all cheap to implement your own business idea for online marketing services. The internet offers the possibility to present your own idea to thousands of people. Nowadays, more and more start-ups are taking the plunge. Germany, for example, has never seen such an increase in start-ups. The digitalisation of the world is only just beginning to take off. It's high time you jumped on the bandwagon, too. Or haven't you been thinking about implementing your own dreams, wishes and ideas for a long time?

2. safety first! The main job as a backstop

It is no secret that many people are considering self-employment. The proper incentive is usually the dear money. The dream of quick wealth is alive and well and we don't want to fool you, it is possible. However, it requires a great business idea - even if you deal with online marketing topics such as SEO or WordPress design. Even without this, it is possible to build up a second leg with the internet, it just takes patience. If you are only toying with the idea of supplementing your pocket money, the less stressful mini-job might be more appropriate for you. Because, as described above, it's almost impossible to rake in some serious dough overnight. The preparation takes time. So it takes months, if not years, until you can lead a nice life with this income. But we would also like to point out, as mentioned above, that a new idea for an online marketing business, which is well thought out, can make your project a lot faster. It is therefore advisable to keep your main job first in order to cover monthly costs such as rent and so on.

3. a side income or passive income requires patience

A lot of stories circulate on the internet, from "get rich overnight" to "earn money in your sleep". If you think that self-employment online as a sideline or as a passive income in the field of online marketing can be built up easily and casually, you will quickly be disappointed. Your goal (we assume) is to pave your way to financial freedom. This can best be achieved by building up a passive source of income. But nothing happens overnight, it takes time! As a prospective founder or self-employed person, it is possible to build up an additional income step by step alongside your main job. With a few hours a week, you have the opportunity to build up a good additional income. Which you can scale further.

4. is the market interested in your idea at all?

Aspiring self-employed people like you (probably) are divided into two groups. Some find it difficult to come up with the right idea and brood incessantly, while others have ideas that literally fly at them. These two groups have one thing in common: they ask themselves one and the same question: How future-proof is my business idea? Will my idea be well received by people so that my business grows steadily? To help you answer these questions, ask yourself the following:

  1. Am I solving a known problem?
  2. Is the problem so big that people would be willing to pay for a solution?
  3. Can my idea be scaled?
  4. Could any human being implement my project?
  5. Has this idea already been implemented by others?
  6. Is my business idea still promising in several years' time?

5. you should create a basis to turn the sideline into a full-time business.

Your business idea for an online business should have a solid foundation, as this is the only way to turn a sideline into a full-time business. In short: It doesn't make sense to start a business that thousands have already implemented before you! You have to stand out from the crowd with your idea. All of this takes time and, above all, experience to adapt your project to the constantly growing market. That's why we recommend starting small with a side business alongside your main job. This way you have the time and peace to dedicate yourself to it without pressure. Only when it is certain that the income will be enough to live on is it worth quitting your main job. A stable basis is worth its weight in gold.

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